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As she tried on one of the new bikinis looking at herself in the mirror, she saw a lot of flesh. Both were cut to show most of her ass cheeks and did not come close to covering her large breasts. They were both standard cut bikinis, one black and the other yellow. “Don’t you think these show how big I am?” It didn’t really matter, because I was taking them off. When my girl was horny, small chick Lea Guerlin, she didn’t hesitate as she spread her nicely toned legs and hiked her dress up to her stomach revealing the nicest sight I’d ever seen. She was wet.

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Her pussy glistened in the sun all around her hole, the labia and the surrounding area slightly reaching into her trimmed pubes. She slowly started rubbing her fingers over her clit in a circular fashion closing her eyes and grabbing her breast hard with the other hand. She had her eyes closed wriggling in the seat beside me. My concentration was broken as someone beeped at me from behind. I set the camera, and began to roll some hot tiny porn, as this petite babe on big cock got to work. She bit her lips hard and exposed her neck letting her perfume spread into the air making my heart race even more. She was pure sex.

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